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What Documents Should I Provide When Applying for a Home Loan?

Are you confused with what documents to provide when applying for a home loan.

Let me help you to obtain the fastest and best way of getting that approval so you can move into your dream home.

Many Clients are unaware that to gain finance for a home loan is completely different from buying a vehicle.

due to the risk of Identity fraud and Money Laudering there are certain obligations nad compliance requirements a Finance Broker must meet.

Lenders impose their own requirements also on Finance Brokers.

so to help you obtain a quicker turn around time.

I've made a list of what you need to support your application.

2 Forms of Identification for all Borrowers, these must clear certified copies of the original docuements signed and dated by a qalified person. Most of the time a Justice of The Peace in Australia or Notary Public. Check with your lender to find what is acceptable

2 Pay slips for all borrowers. These need to be no more than 14 days old. Computer generated.

Most recent tax returns for PAYG and 2 years for Self Employed.

Notices of Assessment from the Australian Tax Office for the most recent tax return.

1-3 Months evryday account bank statements that show Salary deposits for all borrowers, dates account numbers and names must be cearly legible.

For Refinances 6 months Transaction Statement for Home Loans to exhibit account conduct. Dates, Names and Account must be clearly visible.

For Refinances the latest Land Rates Statements showing proof of payments.

Self Employed will need either an Accountants Declaration or 6 months BAS with 6 months Business banking Statements dates, Name of Account and Account number clearly visible.

I have listed the most common requirements. Some lenders will have extra requirements and will advise your broker as the application progresses.

Ensure that these documents are ready at your first meeting to avoid delaying your application so you can move in quicker to your new home.

If you need help in how to collect these documents please leave a comment below.

Have a great day and Happy easter.

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