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Jobseeker and Jobkeeper. Whats the difference?

Jobkeeper: Explained in simple terms.

On 25 January 2020 in Victoria, when a man returning from Wuhan, Hubei, China, was tested positive for SARS-CoV-2. Australian borders were closed to all non-residents on 20 March.

In March as COVID 19 took hold of Australia the treasurer Josh Frydenberg announced a wage subsidy rescue

package noted to be a massive $130 billion dollars.

The ‘Jobkeeper’ payment will apply to full-time, part-time and casual workers, as well as sole traders.

Businesses will be eligible to receive the wage subsidy if they have taken a 30% hit, with businesses with more than $1 billion turnover eligible if they have taken a 50% hit due to the coronavirus.

This payment is to ensure that many Australians keep their jobs after COVID 19 and restrictions in place become lifted.

Full-time, part-time and casual workers are all eligible for the Jobkeeper subsidy, as well as sole traders. Casual employees must have been with their employers for 12 months or more to be eligible.

This payment is for employees that have been with their employer for 12 months. This subsidy will be paid fortnightly and amount to $1500 per fortnight.

Those already stood down due to the coronavirus crisis are eligible, encouraging employers to put them back on the books. The payments will be delivered through the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

The payments to employers will start on 1 May, and will be backdated until 1 March, which is the cutoff date for eligibility.

For more information click on the following link The payments to employers will start on 1 May, and will be backdated until 1 March, which is the cutoff date for eligibility.

For further information click on the following link

Jobseeker. For unemployed people.

Over recent weeks there has been some confusion over the difference between jobseeker and jobkeeper payments.

Lets clear up the confusion.

Jobseeker is exactly as it sounds, it is a payment paid by Centrelink to eligible persons that do not have a job and are looking for work.

To be eligible you must be aged between 22 years and the age of retirement 65 plus.

This payment is paid fortnightly to assist you to meet some of your expenses and to look for employment.

It is not to be confused with Jobkeeper, which is a payment made to an employer to help you keep your job.

The jobseeker payment has also been given a boost of $550 per fortnight during the Coronavirus Pandemic to those receiving welfare benefits.

For further information on these or any other payments following the link.

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